Welcome to the Grinder Co Faction!

The Grinder Co. faction is a player operated faction for Transport Tycoon, a popular job-based server on FiveM
Our faction is centred around the Filtering Plant, very useful for making concrete & other trucking cargo!
With our storage located inside the transformer, you can simply filter large quantanties at once whilst stood inside the storage AFK, making good use of our crafting speed boost and 5% exp zone boost for your filtering pleasures.

All Faction Members recieve 10% off an order if you have been in the faction for 1 week (excludes overlimits). Visit our Main GrinderCo. Discord to place an order Simply state in the Additional Info that you would like to use your 10% Faction Discount.

We offer a unique set of perks to make your life on TT more efficient and fun!
• Fast Craft boost & 5% Exp Zone located on the filtering plant transformer.
• 3 Warp Points from the filtering plant to SSIA Airport, Sandy Shores Runway & Alamo Sea.
Including 2 plane garages, 2 helipads all with LS Customs.
• 25% and 15% Speed Boosts
25% is located opposite the filtering plant & 15% is located at SSIA next to our plane garage.
• 2 boat garages located in Alamo Sea, next to tractor parts linked storage & one near Alamo Sea rod fishing zone.

How to Join?
If you would like to join our faction, type /faction ingame chat and search for GrinderCo [GCO] in the faction menu or ping a Manager for an invite